This program leads to a terminal degree in Ethnomusicology.  The three-year program consists of a year's course work and two years of research which is expected to result in the production of a doctoral dissertation.

Admission Requirements: 

Candidates applying into the Ph. D. programme should possess:

(a) The M. Phil. Qualification in Music from the University of Cape Coast,

(b) M. Mus/M. A. degree in Musicology or Ethnomusicology from the University of Cape Coast or any other accredited university.

(c) NB:  For obvious reasons, the student must have a reading knowledge in French and /or German. 

As part of the admission process, applicants will be required to pass a selective interview. The programme targets university lecturers in Musicology or Ethnomusicology who have not obtained a terminal degree. There are many of such lecturers in Ghana, the West African sub-region and Africa as a whole. The programme also offers opportunities to researchers who wish to expand the frontiers of their knowledge and skills in the subject.