Ghanaian Languages

The Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) Ghanaian Languages Programme has been designed to train capable students of Ghanaian Languages at a higher level for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Ghanaian Language of their study.  It also aims at making the student capable of using the Ghanaian language he/she studied in higher intellectual communication.

The programme covers two areas of Ghanaian language studies, namely:

LANGUAGE (e.g. Akan/Ewe/Ga)

The duration of each area of the programme is four semesters (two years) for full time students and six semesters (three years) for part-time students.  Extensions may be granted only under conditions acceptable to the Department and the Board o f Graduate Studies.

The first year (full-time) or the first two years (part-time) will be devoted to theoretical work made up of lectures, assignments, texts, seminars and end of semester papers/examinations.  The final year will be devoted to research, writing and submission of theses.

Admission Requirements: 

To be admitted to pursue a programme of an M.Phil., Ghanaian Language Studies in the Department of Ghanaian Languages, the applicant must have obtained a good first degree from the University of Cape Coast or a recognised University in either:

  1. a Ghanaian Language
  2. General Linguistics Studies with courses in the Ghanaian Language to be studied.
  3. a discipline equivalent to [i and ii] above.
  4. and must have passed a selection interview conducted for the purpose.

Language Proficiency

The student is expected to acquire a working knowledge of a modern language other than English, for example German or French, preferably one in which there is considerable literature relevant to his/her Ghanaian language of study, if he or she did not have that knowledge previously.