Health Education

The goals of the MPhil programme (Health Education) are to:

1. Produce high level health educators, health promotion specialists, and health programme specialists with advanced professional skills, competencies and sound mental attitudes in the fields of health education and promotion.

2. Make the programme structure more flexible. 

The specific objectives of the MPhil (Health Education) programme are to:
1. Produce highly qualified, competent and confident health education personnel for educational institutions and the general public.
2. Provide opportunity to improve training in techniques for those who envisage careers in research and teaching beyond the first degree level.
3. Provide opportunity for specialization in aspects of health education, such as school health education, community health education, and health promotion with special relevance to the manpower needs of Ghana.
4. Lay the foundation for doctoral degrees in Health, Physical Education and Sport and allied disciplines.


The MPhil degree is normally a 2-year programme consisting of 2 semesters of coursework and two more semesters of thesis research. On successful completion of the first part, and on the recommendation of the departmental graduate studies committee, a student may proceed toward writing a thesis, which shall be a requirement for the award of all MPhil degrees.